Clouds Over Keyspan

By: erikslieber

Oct 14 2012

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Boy, since I began playing around with Instagram, it feels like there has been no turning back.  I began Instagram by shooting images with my Blackberry and then my Android.  Last February, I finally got an iPhone.  The camera on the iPhone is amazing and I’ve taken thousands, if not tens of thousands of images with it over the last 8 months.  Even though it might feel like the neglected older sibling, I have continued to shoot with my DSLR all along.  Time has been much harder to come by over the last 10 months and it has been easier to process the images on the iPad, rather than the desktop.  I hope over the next few months to post some of the DSLR images along with the cellphone imagery.

Last month I went on a photographing expedition with my kids and my friend Dennis Stein (  We journeyed to Manhattan and took the tram over to Roosevelt Island.  The day was beautiful and the views inspiring.  This was taken on the east side of the island looking towards Queens and the Keyspan plant on Vernon Blvd.


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