Running Water Below Snow-Binney Brook

By: erikslieber

Feb 26 2013

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Despite the fact that our mid-winter break was cut short by Hurricane Sandy and despite the fact that I had a bad cold, I had a wonderful time in Vermont last week.  The highlight of each day was a wallk in the woods with the twins.  Unlike our walks in December, when we trudged through the snow in boots, this time we snowshoed.  What a difference it was.  The snowshoes allowed you to walk on top of the snow, rather than sinking into it.  It also spread our weight across a greater area, allowing us to walk on the frozen brook, rather than breaking through the ice.

Walking along/on top of the water we came across many places where you could see the water running underneath.  It was quite remarkable to be able to stand so close to the edge without breaking through.

A great time was had by all!


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